You’ve dipped your toes in digital marketing – what a thrill! Just ahead is the opportunity to grow your small business with technology and tools within your reach. So how come all you’ve got are cold feet?



Heyo, that’s my cue!


I’m a real, live human digital marketing professional, with skills, tonnes of experience and an actual personality! I work with small businesses to create engaging marketing strategy and content for other real, live humans who click, read and buy products and services from brands they love.


So what exactly does a digital marketing professional do?

Some people call me their

Copywriter for small business

Every business has a story. I’ll help you to communicate your brand story with intention and clarity. Together we’ll unearth your unique voice and engage your ideal customers. I’m not into hit-it-and-quit-it copywriting, I focus on SEO keyword rich content that will grab your reader and makes em stick around. I’m a copywriter in Sydney, but I work with clients all around Australia and the world.

If you need fresh and cheeky copywriting to brighten up your website or print promo, give me a holla.

For others, I’m a

Content Marketing Strategist

You need blog content to get your web pages c/ranking on Google, but you’re struggling with what to write? Or maybe content writing is just not your cup of tea. Pass me that drink! I’ll help you to develop a targeted content marketing strategy that showcases your brand voice and values, and engages more of your ideal audience.

Need some killer content RIGHT NOW to┬álaunch or revitalise your blog? Let’s chat!

Other people might call me

Sydney Social Media Manager

I guess they call me that because I’m a social media manager and I live in Sydney, Australia. Makes sense right?

Social media marketing consulting

I can help you develop a social media strategy that engages the right kind of people – not just a bunch of spambots and pornstars. And trust me, as a busy small business owner, I know how to implement strategies that work for your resources,  workflow,  lifestyle (and sanity.)

Social media management

If you’re ready to outsource your social media management to a pro, let’s talk. I’m not always able to take on new social media management gigs, but if you and I hit it off we might just be able to make some magic together. Get in touch and let me know what you’re about.

I like when people to call me a

Marketing Strategy Wizard

When you’re flying blind your marketing will fail to connect with the right people and you can forget about converting. What works for your mate/ ultimate nemesis down the road might not work for you. That’s when you need an experienced marketing strategy specialist to dig in and find the right strategy for your business.

I work with smart small business owners to identify key markets, craft impacting messages & implement on the RIGHT channels.

One time someone called me a

Startup Junkie

And I didn’t know how to take it… but I’ll concede, they are absolutely right! I love working with pie-in-the-sky, big idea, “give it a crack”, entrepreneurial people who won’t settle for regular. Small business owners are energising to be around because they love what they do (even when they hate it), they are passionate about their products and customers and they aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. That’s a winning combo in my books!

You might call me a

One Stop Digital Shop.

Though I prefer “boutique digital services!” I understand that every small business has unique needs, so I always tailor my services to meet your specific requirements. I work with trusted web developers & graphic designers to provide end-to-end branding, web design & business launch packages. You’ll have complete control, without lifting a finger. DREAMY!

Want to work with me? Get in touch!

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Great idea, but no audience?

Great idea, but no audience?

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