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I will not try to sell you a tonne of add-ons that don’t make sense for your business. As a small business owner, I understand that every business is different, which is why I offer boutique services, tailored to your specific needs. Heres’ some insight into how I work with my clients.

Copywriting Services

We start with a consultation where I’ll ask you questions about your business, your goals and your audiences. Together we’ll dig up your key selling points and opportunities. Once I have everything I need, I’ll draft up engaging SEO keyword rich content or your website, blog, email marketing or other promotional pages.

I offer a range of copywriting service options to suit your content needs and your budget. Get in touch to request a quote.

Content Marketing Strategy

You know you need blog content to rank on Google search! Let me help you publish quality, consistent content that’ll build your brand and boost your search ranking. We start with a consultation to assess your brand positioning and draft unique content strategy just for your business.  I’ll then develop a targeted content marketing strategy that showcases your brand voice and values, and engages more of your ideal audience. Once you sign off on the strategy, I’ll produce the agreed number of blog posts as a one off, or on a monthly basis as agreed.

My content marketing strategy and blog content packages can be tailored to your requirements, just shoot me an email to start the conversation.

Social Media Marketing

I provide both social media marketing strategy and social media marketing management services.

Social media marketing consulting

Posting random content on your business pages without a plan or goal in mind is a big fat waste of your time. We can tee up a consultation to work out what is the best social media strategy for your business. I’ll help you focus and implement strategies that work for your audience, resources and workflow.

Social media management

Some small business owners just need someone to take the keys and make their social media hum week in and week out. I love managing social media accounts for smart local brands, but this service is not for everyone. It’s important to me that we “get” one another, so I only offer social media marketing services to small businesses that I’ve built a relationship with. This may mean working on a project together, lengthy conversations over the phone or that magical click that you just get with some people. There’s only one way to find out if we gel, so get in touch!

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